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Melissa La Bozzetta’s Art Workshops take the popular Sip and Paint art experience to uncharted territory, live every month from La Galleria in central Melbourne.

Prepare to unleash your creativity while indulging in a delightful blend of art, including drawing, charcoal sketch and painting. 

Explore art process and expressing yourself in mixed mediums such as A.I, print embellishment and graffiti.  

The art workshop experience is playful, sassy, sexy and fun. This is not just painting with friends, it’s a look into Melissa’s world of creativity and an insight into her art works and a deep dive into your own creativity.  

This unique monthly event combines the joy of artistic expression with a social atmosphere, fine food and drinks and is perfect for art enthusiasts and novices alike.

Art Workshop Experience in Melbourne with Melissa La Bozzetta: On the last Saturday of every month
July Tickets: Book here
August Tickets: Available Now
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October Tickets: Coming Soon. 

Charcoal and pencil sketches of beautiful woman lay on a desk after art workshop at Melissa La Bozzetta Gallery
Vibrant and colourful artwork created during an art workshop experience at Melissa LA Bozzetta Gallery Melbourne. The painting features a beautiful blend of hues and brushstrokes showcasing the female form in an abstract nature.
Art of various shapes, sizes and mediums hung and placed on floor in art gallery with white brick walls. The image portrays the experience of being an artist looking across ones work.