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Side projects are plentiful for Melissa. Her delightfully playful and sensual ‘Naked Canvas’ series has become an ongoing, invigorating escape and new expression of her art. The results are beyond breath taking. The series is cause for invitations to paint her naked canvases privately, for photographers and events in collaboration with woman of poise,  mystique and intrigue.  

“This series is the live version of my art on ‘A Naked Canvas…’ as if the muse has stepped out the canvas into real life”.

The Naked Canvas is Melissa’s obsession with graffiti, sculpture and body painting mixed with deliberate and delicate brush strokes landing on the beautiful contours of the nude form.      

“The beauty and the power within a woman is indescribable. This series is about connecting to that power, about owning sexuality and the expression of exquisite beauty and form”. 

The latest from the series brings together the empowered and alluring muse, April Hart, and photographer Chris Smith who has captured the process of turning this muse into clay sculpture. The results will move you and will be presented at the first installation of the Layers Creation Capture series aptly named ‘Layers of the Nude Age’.  

View More: The Naked Canvas



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Melissa’s current projects include giving back.

The Non-Violence Project Foundation is a non-profit organisation with a mission to inspire, engage, and motivate people to solve conflicts without resorting to violence.

The Foundation has spread the message of love and peace worldwide through artistic interpretations of their iconic symbol “The knotted Gun”, which Melissa – as an ambassador for non violence – painted in 2018. 

Melissa used blues to represent an ocean of trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence and faith, with layers of gold leaf, interpreted as the master healer and to represent all countries worldwide. Melissa’s view is ‘the world painted on the knotted gun with blues and golds is the perfect combination to symbolise peace’.

The painted sculpture is named ‘Ocean of Love.’
See more on the Non Violence Project here. 


More than just sketching. Life Drawing is feeling art in its purest and most beautiful form.

Bespoke Life Drawing experiences, presented by Melissa La Bozzetta, live from ‘La Galleria é lo studio di Melissa La Bozzetta’ in Greville Street, Melbourne. ‘With wine in hand and exquisite food, we draw, we drink, we sing, we dance and we explore the beauty of our muse’.

Experiences are hosted by Melissa La Bozzetta and are tailored for you or for groups of up to 10 wanting a truly unique experience. They are exclusive, private and aimed to give a unique 2-3 hours of unreserved expression. ‘It’s ultimately up to you if you want direction or just to put brush to canvas in your own time, of your own mind’.

Experiences generally include: Life Drawing Experience for 2-3hours / Live Model / Art Supplies for the evening / Free Bubbles & Wine / Exquisite Food to nourish you (supplied by your host). 

Where: 203 Greville Street, Prahran, Melbourne, VIC 3181.

Cost / Bookings: Each Life Drawing Experience is designed for you or your group and priced according to your needs and your hosts suggestions for the experience. Please make an enquiry to find out more. More Info


Current projects by Melissa La Bozzetta. Life drawing Sketch


Live & Direct with Melissa La Bozzetta.

Showing Now: Layers of the Nude Age | From July 29 |  A collaboration with photographer Chris Smith and Naked Canvas April Hart. 

Opening Night | La Galleria: It feels like a lifetime ago but the memories are etched in mind forever. A dream come true for Melissa opening ‘La Galleria é lo studio di Melissa La Bozzetta’. More about La Galleria here

Recent Events: Check the clip from Melissa’s recent instalment of ‘The Naked Canvas’ delivered live at ‘Beautiful Delirium’, an event by the ever provocative crew at it’s non chalant.