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La Galleria e lo studio di Melissa La Bozzetta’, is a life long dream come true for Melissa – situated on Greville street in inner city Melbourne.

This creative sanctuary is a multi-functional space to display, paint, collaborate & offer her artwork for sale from the wall or during exclusive releases & events that are heralded. 

La Galleria is a step beyond your expectations. it is not just a show case of Melissa’s latest works but a look into Melissa’s world of creativity & an insight into her art & current projects in real time.

Currently Showing: Layers of the Nude Age. 

Available Artworks: Shop Online. 

Melissa’s Collection: View Portfolio. 


Melissa La Bozzetta’s collection is extensive, eclectic and nothing short of extraordinary. Each artwork is curated with pride, passion and dedication to the concept from inception to fruition.

Original Works. Abstracts. Portraits. Divine Prints. Commissions. 

Check out the space, Melissa at work, the art works in place & everyday images from La Galleria below.   

Appointments are welcomed to walk through La Galleria to explore and experience her works in person. If an art work, print or experience intrigues you. Please Enquire.

Commissions are welcome from any of the pictured works, or from Melissa’s Portfolio.