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Introducing the vibrant and unrestrained force in the Melbourne art scene: Melissa La Bozzetta. This spirited Italian-Australian artist, based in Prahran, is setting a new standard in the Australian contemporary art landscape, bringing to it an electric fusion of vibrant and sensual elements.

Melissa blossomed amidst traditions tied to her rich Italian heritage. Yet, as she honed her artistic vision, a bolder, freer spirit emerged, unafraid to explore the open sexuality and worldly demeanour that now characterise her pieces. Today, the present-day Melissa stands as a beacon of uninhibited self-expression, proudly showcasing her evolution through her artistry.

Her journey of self-discovery has not only moulded her as an individual but also as a distinguished figure in the Melbourne artistic community. Melissa's artwork is a vivid tapestry of abstract and portrait styles, seamlessly marrying vibrant hues with deep, moody undertones to portray a passion unfettered by traditional constraints.

Across Australia and on international platforms, including exhibitions at the prestigious Gallery of Paris, Melissa's artworks resonate with people from all walks of life. Through her engagement with various mediums and styles, she pushes the boundaries of non-conformity, inviting viewers to experience art that is both electric and sensual.


Beyond the canvas, Melissa plays an active role in nurturing the next generation of artists through her guided life drawing sessions held in her studio on Greville St, Prahran. These sessions stand as a testament to her commitment to fostering expression and open discourse on sexuality in art, showcasing a dedication that is both infectious and inspiring.

Melissa’s involvement with charitable endeavours and community projects showcases her giving spirit. She continually adds depth to a prolific portfolio through a wide array of art commissions in Melbourne, proving her mettle as a charitable artist with a heart for her community.

As she strides forward in her artistic journey, Melissa collaborates with fellow visionaries, exploring innovative realms of body painting and graffiti art, always in pursuit of that next breathtaking creation. Her artistry is not just a presentation of skill but an open invitation to experience the freedom, the passion, and the vibrant life force that drives her.

Witness the transcendent artistry of Melissa La Bozzetta as she carves out a space that is uniquely hers throughout Australian art culture and beyond, offering not just art, but a vivid narrative of freedom, exploration, and raw passion, always with a touch of that Melbourne art scene magic. Stay tuned for her artistic journey as it unfolds, promising a future rich with vibrant, engaging, and wholly original creations.
Melissa La Bozzetta working in La Galleria e lo studio
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