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Side projects are plentiful for Melissa, with her delightfully playful and sensual ‘Naked Canvas’ series a cause for more attention and invitations to paint her naked canvases privately, for photographers and events.

“This series is the live version of my art on ‘A Naked Canvas…’ as if the muse has stepped out the canvas into real life”.

The Naked Canvas is Melissa’s graffiti obsession mixed with deliberate and delicate brush strokes and splashes landing on the beautiful contours of the nude form.      

“The beauty and the power within a woman is indescribable. This series is about connecting to that power, about owning sexuality and the expression of exquisite beauty and form”. 

The latest from the series brings us the captivating Sian Holmes. What is created is captured, and the results are appropriately provocative, sensual and quite simply, fierce. Electric imagery from photographer Visual Soda, poise and power from Sian and the unbridled creativity that is signature Melissa La Bozzetta.

Keep an eye out for a showcase of this on-going series of work featuring muses from the demure to the delightful, from uninhibited to acrobatic.   

Muse: Sian Holmes

Photography: VisualSoda

Current Projects by Melissa La Bozzetta - Muse Rosie Huntington Whiteley


There is always a muse on Melissa’s list of current projects.

Through popular culture, fashion and magazines Melissa finds inspiration and images that in a sense, speak to her. With that emotion she recreates a visual to form her own version on canvas. 

One of Melissa’s favourites, and a constant muse for her is the stunning model / actress Rosie Huntington Whiteley whose career she has followed with interest.   

Sketched to capture the visual. Charcoal to accentuate beautiful curves. Sensual blues to make the artwork as mesmerising as the model.  

Artwork: Rosie Bleu.

Medium: Pencil, charcoal, inks, gesso and watercolours.

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More than just sketching. Life Drawing is feeling art in its purest and most beautiful form.

An ongoing and exclusive project to La Galleria e lo studio di Melissa La Bozzetta. With wine in hand and exquisite food to feast upon, come to draw, sing, dance and explore the beauty of a featured life model, while hosted and guided by Melissa.  ‘It’s all about exploring the raw, powerful emotion that we hold inside of us’. 

Life drawing sessions are 2 unique hours of open minded expression. 

An intimate inner city Melbourne setting, inhibitions cast aside, pencils and charcoal at hand. This is Life Drawing.

The Muse: Our 2nd instalment in November 2021 was our first time male, Jake Ryan as muse for the evening. He followed the July session with the exquisite adults only and ever exotic Ashton Avenue.

More Info: Follow Melissa La Bozzetta’s socials to see past events, and find out more about new ones here.

Current projects by Melissa La Bozzetta. Life drawing Sketch
Current Projects by Melissa La Bozzetta. Mixed Media graffiti art work.


Establishing strong and evoking imagery to create from is all part of Melissa’s process.

Collaborating with artists, models and photographers not only brings forth unique content, but an energy from these creatives that also drives her art. 

This artwork: Dreams.

Medium: New Media / Ink graffiti over photo on canvas. 

Life Art model Brooke captured during a Life Drawing Session by Photographer Michelle Topcu, elaborated upon by Melissa La Bozzetta.

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Melissa’s current projects include giving back.

The Non-Violence Project Foundation is a non-profit organisation with a mission to inspire, engage, and motivate people to solve conflicts without resorting to violence.

The Foundation has spread the message of love and peace worldwide through artistic interpretations of their iconic symbol “The knotted Gun”, which Melissa – as an ambassador for non violence – painted in 2018. 

Melissa used blues to represent an ocean of trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence and faith, with layers of gold leaf, interpreted as the master healer and to represent all countries worldwide. Melissa’s view is ‘the world painted on the knotted gun with blues and golds is the perfect combination to symbolise peace’.

The painted sculpture is named ‘Ocean of Love.’


A photo shoot to take your breath away. 

The painted sunrise series in collaboration with Visual Soda.  

Melissa joined the ride on this shoot to carefully paint faces and bodies of each model – bringing attitude, mood and a unique sense of intrigue.

The results from this team of creative souls speaks for itself.

Check out Visual Soda and the images here 

More on Melissa’s current projects to come. Please explore more about Melissa La Bozzetta from the home page