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Introducing Melissa La Bozzetta. A vivacious, energetic and spirited artist based in Melbourne, Australia.  

Melissa brings character, honesty and a vibrant new approach to presenting her artwork and ideas. This moves on from a somewhat restrained version of her past self. 

Held back by a strong connection to family and accountability to her Italian roots, the present day Melissa La Bozzetta is breaking new ground.   

With a consistent drive to share her creative and sensual self, Melissa breaks from these traditional restraints to find comfort in her art and in life. She produces from what she sees, feels and is inspired by. 

Each of Melissa’s art works is an infusion of worldly demeanour, open sexuality and a passion to engage, share and contribute with the world around her. This creates a persona that is her art. 

Melissa’s works have exhibited in Europe, the United States and Australia. They have captured the imagination of galleries and clients world wide who identify.

The Gallery of Paris has nurtured this spirited artist to find the soul of her artwork. The connection has given her  confidence to push the boundaries of nonconformity and explore a range of styles. This gives her comfort in her creative space.

With regular commissions, events and charity work she consistently adds to a prolific portfolio. Her works range from abstract to portrait. From vibrant to moody. From electric to sensual and is often a combination of these themes.  

Melissa’s dedication to art is infectious and undoubtedly inspiring. Her weekly, guided life drawing sessions give insight into the process of expression and freedom of sexuality for the artist inside everyone. Collaborations with like minded artists give her opportunity to explore body painting and graffiti. All these mediums combine as part of her process towards her art works.

Melissa La Bozzetta working in La Galleria e lo studio
Melissa La Bozzetta Life Art Sessions-1
Melissa La Bozzetta Naked Canvas Sessions-1