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In her own words, evocative artist Melissa La Bozzetta has grown out of her proverbial box. 

Over 13 years of translating emotions, through brush onto canvas has transformed this vibrant and unrelentingly passionate woman into ‘herself’ as a person and as an artist; this is Melissa La Bozzetta’s space.

Her dreamy, sexy and often colourful (in every sense of the word) compositions bring an open sexuality, freedom and real vibrancy to life through art.

Each and every piece of Melissa’s work is exceptional. Extraordinary abstracts. Odes to distant homes. Unique portraits or simple and refined sketch works,  deliberately curated to move you.  


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Melissa La Bozzetta’s collection is extensive, eclectic and nothing short of extraordinary. Each artwork is curated with pride, passion and dedication to the concept from inception to fruition.

As if the artist herself is baring her soul, Melissa’s work is playful, unique and always intriguing. Her versatility transcends styles and explores many mediums: moody charcoals, vibrant water colours, intense inks and embellishments in gold are a common theme through her portfolio.

Current ProjectS

Melissa’s all-encompassing approach to life and art has her thriving in and out of a new studio, working on a waitlist of commissions and making new connections through spontaneous live art and an ever growing back catalogue of art works.

The highlight, and a dream come true for Melissa is the recent opening of ‘La Galleria e lo studio di Melissa La Bozzetta’. Located on the funky fringes of Chapel Street in Melbourne, the quaint gallery come studio is now creative home base for a new level of freedom and expression.

La Galleria is a space to escape and create for clients as far as Lebanon, Germany, Austria, Paris, Vegas, Texas, Miami, NYC and within Australia. With over 2 months commissioned work in front of her she is in her element.

Side projects are plentiful for Melissa, with her delightfully playful and  sensual ‘Naked Canvas’ series a cause for more attention and invitations to paint her naked canvases privately, for photographers and events.

A recent and exclusive connection with Paris based gallery ‘Singulart’ has given Melissa not just global representation but an online platform alongside some of the world’s most sought after artists. Melissa’s is excited to present her works for sale and artist profile on Singulart here.

Amongst the constant creativity comes the opportunity to share and express her love for her craft. July saw the welcome return of Melissa’s ‘Life Art Sessions’ – direction in life art direct from La Galleria e lo Studio di Melissa La Bozzetta. Check out the next session with Jake Ryan here.

More info on Melissa projects can be found here.

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Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye, and the eye through the mind. As the sun colours flowers, so does art colour life.

― John Lubbock

To experience art by Melissa La Bozzetta is not just uplifting, but all encompassing. The energy and engagement in each piece draws you in and demands attention. 

Her work will add life to any setting – showcased as a sensual addition to intimate spaces, as a bold statement upon entering a room or to compliment either eclectic or subtle design in home, office or commercial spaces.